Toward a methodology for evaluating research paper bibliographies

Qualitative methods focus on the opinions of learners and on examples or descriptions of what they have learned. However, faculty members may not be well-suited to this task either. If nothing else, an increase in the students' bibliography grades would likely be enough to show some faculty members the value of library instruction.

Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship

Figure 1 and Table 1 demonstrate the differences in mean numbers of citations between the two groups. Jossey-Bass,2, While many of the aspects of the bibliography rubric focused on ACS Style, such as correct formatting, correct use of journal abbreviations, and not including the article title, neither attendees nor non-attendees had much success in following ACS Style.

Three different library instruction sessions were offered. Through assessment educators meet responsibilities to students. Assessment makes a difference when it begins with issues of use and illuminates questions that people really care about.

Writing your bibliography using ALA format can be difficult but to give you an easier alternative, you can utilize online format generators.

Toward a methodology for evaluating research paper bibliographies

Hovdefocusing specifically on the library instruction sessions themselves, found them to be somewhat effective. She examined the bibliographies from papers written by freshman English students, all of whom had been exposed to a library instruction session, and found that they cited sources located through library databases.

Patricia Cross, Classroom Assessment Techniques: Formative assessment deals with programs as they are functioning and tries to foster ongoing improvement for the provider and receiver of the instruction.

Many of the citations were simply links to online articles, so the URLs provided information as to their provenance.

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Assessment works best when it is ongoing, not episodic. This fulfills one of the goals spoken of earlier in this paper; that of ongoing education and assessment.

Assessment of Information Literacy: Lessons from the Higher Education Assessment Movement

In this case, the hammer is too often Google or some other Internet search engine. For higher education, quantitative results--test scores, number of graduates, etc.

No specific requirements were given for the bibliographies for any of the sections. Assessment Methods and Libraries What is the impetus for the use of assessment methods in libraries?

Also, he too suffered from a very small sample size, with only 26 students participating overall. Each semester all three sections of the class were taught by Dr. Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, It can also be hoped that the students learned techniques and information that will help them in future courses.

Most studies report evaluation of a particular part of a program, such as content, methodology used, impact on student attitudes, or the effectiveness of the program itself in terms of cost and required resources.

Several factors may contribute to this lack of currency. Methodology Data was collected in the Fall and Spring semesters of the school year. Some students also indicated that their teaching assistants had shown them SciFinder earlier in the semester.

Personal identification was removed, and each bibliography was marked with the grade for both the assignment and the course, and a code based on whether the student had been exposed to the instruction session or not. Assessment works best when the programs it seeks to improve have clear, explicitly stated purposes.

This must be done in order to garner support from library administrators, campus administration, faculty, and students. A comparison of two methods of library instruction for students in introductory biology. This comes from the research indicating that library instruction and an improved research process lead to improved term paper quality.

Increasingly, instructional efforts are focusing on non-classroom activities, such as computer based learning especially in the case of distance educationWorld Wide Web tutorials, videos, non-credit workshops, and handouts.

Impact of a Library Instruction Session on Bibliographies of Organic Chemistry Students

Hovdefocusing specifically on the library instruction sessions themselves, found them to be somewhat effective. Another use of this data would be to evaluate the costs associated with the assignment.

Assessment of learning from these activities should be undertaken, but for distance learning must take into account the special requirements of the medium and the difficulties inherent in the lack of face-to-face instruction.

So, why then, are papers so often lacking in solid, factual information from scholarly sources?Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship v.8 no.1 (Spring ) Garbage In, Garbage Out: The Effect of Library Instruction on the Quality of Students’ Term Papers Toward a methodology for evaluating research paper bibliographies.

Research Strategies, 3(4), Hinchcliffe, J. (). Once the papers or assignments are turned in, faculty must then evaluate the quality of the research sources used. Bibliographies can be read, evaluated, and graded just as papers are. Based on this, students who have utilized good research skills and cited relevant works should then be rewarded with better grades for the project than those.

Evaluating the Quality of Research Sources How to Write an Annotated Bibliography: Important Sources Related to Annotated Bibliographies How to Write and Prepare an Annotated Bibliography.

Evaluating the Quality of Research Sources. SOURCE EVALUATION: The methods section of a research paper provides. the information by which a study's validity is judged.

Therefore, it requires a clear and precise description. of how an experiment was done, and the rationale for. Using rubrics to assess information literacy. Toward a methodology for evaluating research paper bibliographies. This study explores faculty attitudes toward the Web as a research tool for.

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Toward a methodology for evaluating research paper bibliographies
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