Motivational theories pros and cons

If a person learns about the possible consequences of excessive alcohol use, they will quit. Stern established four categories of impulse buying. Participation and Empowerment Theory Y managers have become more prominent as this style has been emphasized in workplaces in the latter 20th and early 21st centuries.

Marilyn Price-Mitchell, developmental psychologist, suggested specific ways to nurture your resourcefulness in the context of teaching students. Take advantage of technology — Technology is essential for improving your resourcefulness, as the ability to connect with others is easier.

McCarthy often promoted people within his staff, who had provided him with names of possible people to accuse. This is down to the task being completed more efficiently and to a higher standard.

Motivating Self and Others

Awesome video on transactional leadership. With the right type of team, the hands off approach can be extremely fruitful and motivate the subordinates to work harder. The leadership style can easily go wrong and end up creating a non-efficient structure. While this sounds appealing, over-permissive managers ultimately find employees working less and less as they experience no negative consequences for doing so.

Expectancy — select, train and support ability levels, consistent with performance goals so the person can expect to achieve the task. All behavior is motivated by unsatisfied needs. The key traits of transactional leaders A good transactional leader tends to showcase three essential qualities for approaching tasks and objectives: It must be noted that the fourth assumption also implies that subordinates are not self-motivated.

Charismatic Leadership Guide: Definition, Qualities, Pros & Cons, Examples

An assumption could be made then, if 1 and 2of the three components that make up the expectancy equation, have a low probability of achievement, a person will put in the required effort to achieve a task if 3 is highly desired.

Overall, the transactional leadership style is effective. In an organization, the reliance on the knowledge and expertise of a single person, the leader, can be problematic.

If accepted, grades of B or better must be achieved in the first two courses to continue the program. Instrumentality — make clear performance reward possibilities upon achieving goals, thereby increasing certainly of outcome.Both control and choice theories are used in educational contexts (Glasser, a) and can be used in motivational studies on e-learning courses.

People that are obsessed with control tend to need to know about everything – their training motivation comes from the need to control.

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The expectancy theory looks at every motivational factor as a stand-alone event. Under the theory's worldview, employees work on a project for a certain reward, then.

Strength and weaknesses of various theories of motivation

Theories of consumer behavior address important issues for marketers, and to determine consumer behavior, marketers use numerous models. Scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs are developing new methods of efficiently producing clean e Read More about Pros and cons. One advantage of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is its perceptive insight into human nature, a disadvantage is that the hierarchy fails to account for cultural or social differences between individuals.

Abraham Maslow first introduced the theory in his paper, "A Theory of Human Motivation.". Pros & Cons This article will compare and contrast, pros and cons, and help you Apache Ant is a Java-based command line tool that uses XML files Built-in tasks provide ways to compile, assemble, test and run software applications.

Describe the pros and cons of theory Having a strong understanding of motivational theories will aid in your ability to motivate personnel. In this chart complete the following: Give a complete description of your understanding of the motivational theory.

Motivational theories pros and cons
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