Most common sports injuries in tennis

Choose a tennis shoe with good support to help you prevent ankle injuries.

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Also, improving your swing technique and wearing an elbow brace can be very helpful. Physiotherapy may also increase flexibility in the joint and strengthen the muscles and connective tissue surrounding the elbow.

High quality tennis rackets available in stores also have this type of handle — so do not choose a cheap, low quality racket. Email There are hundreds of different sports injuries, but there are certain parts of the body that are more prone to damage than others.

The best way of treating an ankle sprain is by applying the RICE procedure: You may find that the symptoms are worse with forearm activity. Calf Strain Legs put up a lot of work during a tennis match, and the part of them which endures most of the effort is the calf.

They are almost inevitable in sports that involve jumping, running and turning quickly; these movements can lead to twisting the ankle and even possibly tearing a tendon or ligament.

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition which commonly affects tennis players as a result of constant strain on the elbow joint and overuse of the tendons and muscles surrounding the joint.

If you have any concerns about an injury or how to prevent future injuries speak with a sports medicine professional or athletic trainer. Recovery may take several weeks; ice and medication to control swelling and pain will also aid the healing process.

Stress fractures in the foot Stress fractures commonly occur in the metatarsal bones of the foot. NSAIDs are also allowed if you cannot handle the pain or contain it through icing alone.

In order to prevent them, apply these tips: Surgery is usually carried out by means of an arthroscopy keyhole surgery. When the muscles tire, more stress is placed on the bone. Sprained ankle Sprains affect the tissue that surrounds a bone or joint.

More serious sprains will need to be rested for a long period of time to allow the ligaments to heal fully; connective tissue heals much slower than bone so this may take several weeks.

Preventing Tennis Injuries

Overuse injuries most often affect the shoulders, wrists, and elbows. Tennis Elbow Many studies have been performed to determine the rates of various injuries among tennis players and upper extremity injuries are always cited as one of the most common injuries. Prevention is Key Many sports injuries are due to an improper warm-up or stretching routine or because the level of intensity of the workout was increased too quickly.

Tennis Injuries

The leg should generally be rested for several weeks; severe strains may require months to heal. Warm up thoroughly prior to play. When you are running in one direction and then you suddenly stop and turn to the other direction to catch the tennis ball, it is quite possible for your ankle to twist and for the ligaments to slip sideways.

Treating impingement syndrome Treatment usually involves a combination of rest, anti-inflammatory medication and pain relief. Common Tennis Injuries 1. Tennis Elbow This type of injury is not one that happens overnight, but rather it is an accumulation of intense physical effort as you hit the ball with the racket from various positions.

5 Common Tennis Injuries and 4 Ways to Prevent Them

The best way to prevent concussion is to avoid contact sports, but that may not be a viable option for many people. This injury consists in the inflammation of a sac of liquid called the bursa, by getting squeezed between the muscles and the bony protuberance of the shoulder.

Calf muscles help tennis players run at full speed, then brake suddenly and change direction. As with most injuries, RICE and anti-inflammatory drugs are helpful, as well as gentle stretches.

Ice may also help to ease any inflammation. Physiotherapy will also help to condition the knee and strengthen the tissue surrounding the joint. It is also the muscle most used when the tennis ball impacts the racquet.

Get adequate recovery if injured. Wearing supports and doing specific exercises may also reduce the risk of suffering from tennis elbow. Patricia Kolowich, MD Sports Tips provide general information only and are not a substitute for your own good judgement or consultation with a physician.

When the injury has begun to heal, you can begin exercising again, but stop every so often during your workout to stretch until you are completely healed. If you injure your knee, don't exercise for at least two days and take an anti-inflammatory medication.

Your body needs time to recover between practices and matches, and overexertion can affect how well you play and make you more susceptible to injury.

This usually produces pain with overhead motions such as serving. Stress fractures can occur in the leg tibia or fibula or in the foot the navicular or the metatarsals.

Hamstring strains are categorised into 3 grades which are determined by the severity of the injury; grade 1 strains involve minor damage to the muscle, grade 2 strains involve a partial tear of the muscle and grade 3 implies a complete tear of the muscle.Wrist injuries occur more frequently on the dominant side and can be associated with tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves.

Tendon injuries are particularly common.

Top 10 Sports Injuries

Pain can be described by its location: radial (thumb side) or ulnar (pinkie side). Ulnar-sided wrist pain is the most common complaint of tennis players. Tennis injuries are generally defined as either cumulative, meaning they occur from overuse, or acute, resulting from trauma.

Types of Overuse Injuries Overuse injuries occur over time due to stress on the muscles, joints, and. Get the facts on sports injuries, including the most common types, and read about the treatments available.

Sports Injuries

Skip navigation. U.S. National Library of Medicine Eye Injuries in Sports (American Academy of Family Physicians) Also in Spanish; Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis). Most Common Tennis Injuries Tennis is a demanding sport.

Between constant pivoting, explosive sprinting, and quick side stepping, few other sports require the same level of agility as tennis. The Most Common Injuries in Tennis Tennis, “the white sport” or “the noble sport”, is one of the most loved sports worldwide.

It is practiced at a large scale both at amateur and professional levels, both during the summer and winter, on grass, clay, hard and carpet courts. Tennis, played worldwide, is one of the most popular racket sports. A high number of tournaments for competitive tennis players may lead to overuse injuries, such as "tennis elbow" or wrist injuries.

For noncompetitive tennis players, improper or inadequate physical and technique training may be the cause of overuse injuries.

Most common sports injuries in tennis
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