Internship report on banglalink telesales

Consumer Behavior ninth ed. Finding out the reason of Churns, proper treatment and pursuing to re-activate the connection. Their ability to deliver the innovative and customers focused services at the right time is also their another strength.

Internship Report on Banglalink Telesales Essay Sample

Time and place are mentioned in the lead. They receive call from IT department in a software system. I have asked some questioned to them and use their responses as primary data.

It is the second largest telecom operator in Bangladesh. Post-Paid This segment caters to the people who have a fixed expenditure for mobile bills per month and do not want to take the trouble of using pre-paid cards.

Telesales unit - Banglalink

About advertising, as a media they chose TV most of the time but they also focus on billboard and others media as billboard is one of the popular media for advertising Keywords: Banglalink provides its subscribers with basic voice services, messaging services and value-added services.

The strength of Telesales is selling, customer acquisition and the emphasis is on customer retention. A framework for marketing management 2 ed. European Journal of Marketing30 3 Sometime interested external customers call Banglalink helpline.

Today understanding customer is crucial, but it is not enough. Its primary task is to ensure that challenging goals are set for each sub-department according to the organizational aims and each employee understands his or her role in supporting the customer.

Knocking the customers politely pursuing them to pay the due bills. The service charge was great but the facilities were few.

Re-branded and launched its services as "Banglalink" in February These are as follows: Banglalink gives the highest importance on the quality of our coverage to ensure that the customers have the best experience while using the service.

It has connected with describing the characteristics of particular issues, specific prediction and narration of fact.Internship Report On “Telesales Practice & Prospect of Banglalink” SUPERVISED BY Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Lecturer Department of Business Administration Manarat International University PREPARED BY Sabrina Sazrin Department of Business Administration MANARAT INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Date of Submission: 12th September LETTER OF.

Here is my internship report on “Telesales Department of Banglalink Digital Communications Limited”, which you have assigned me to do as a part of my BBA program requirement.

Telesales unit in Banglalink do the direct commination with the customer, tell them about the company`s product and offering and by doing this they sell the product of Banglalink.

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Banglalink is one of the leading mobile operator of our country. This is a great honor to me to submit the internship report on the topic “Telesales Practice & Prospect of Banglalink” as per Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program requirement.

This program provides me practical knowledge about Real Estate business sector in Bangladesh. I learn so many things from this report about Banglalink Bangladesh its service nature. customer satisfaction etc. Banglalink provides proper information to their customer about new product or service.3 Conclusion Banglalink Bangladesh ltd introduce in marketing strategy.

meet-banglalink; advanced-internship-program; chat with me. Interns will be required to submit a report on his/her assigned project after completion of their 3-month internship program. A letter of internship completion will be issued to them after successful submission & evaluation of report.

Internship report on banglalink telesales
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