G wilson knight the othello music

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The Wheel Of Fire

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/ G. WIlson Knight places critIcism at the opposite pole of Interpretation. CrItIcism to him suggests a certain process of deliberately objectifyIng the 6 George Wilson knight, The Imper.,1 The (London, ), pp.

v-vI. William Shakespeare's Othello Edited by Andrew Hadfield Routledge Taylor & Francis Croup LONDON AND NEW YORK. Contents List of Illustrations x Series Editor's Preface xi Acknowledgements xii Introduction I G.

Wilson Knight, 'The Othello Music' () 55 E. E. Stoll, 'Iago' () It has taken me a long time to recognize the justification of what Mr. Wilson Knight calls 'interpretation'. In my previous scepticism I am quite ready to admit the presence of elements of pure prejudice, as well as of some which I defend.

G wilson knight the othello music
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