Compare and contrast the role of women in east asia and western ope from 1750 to 1914

During the period of the second industrial revolution, the development of a new social structure emerged. A peasant woman's rise in status occurred with the cessation of her menses. This will be explained later. Traditionally, women were kept domestic and were expected to keep quiet; away from the affairs of men.

He said that although it was wrong for a woman to hire out her body, nevertheless, if she did, she was providing a service and thus should be paid for it. The advantages of land ownership by upper class women, was definitely outweighed by the fact that marriage was a business contract and child marriage the procedure of the day.

Any children born to her inherited her property. About bc, at Smyrna, the first intimation of the style appeared in stone columns with capitals elaborately carved in floral hoops—a pattern derived from Asian examples and used mainly on smaller objects and furniture but also enlarged for architecture.

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The simple fact of the prohibition indicates that contraception was practised. Perhaps the best summary of the medieval view of women is quoted by Wood: She was prohibited from holding any political, professional or public office.

Amongst the peasantry a close partnership existed between the man and wife, who worked side by side in the field. What then was the situation for widows?

It must be noted that if she fell pregnant as the result of a rape, her suit was thrown out of court because, according to medieval biology, a woman had to secrete a seed to conceive and this only happened if she was sexually satisfied.

In the Classical period—and best observed in the Parthenon—a subtle deviation from strict linearity accomplishes the same correction. Records show that women fasted anything from seven weeks to seven years. Augustine equated prostitutes with palace sewers, without which the whole place would be filthy.

The Attalidswho had become the rulers of Pergamum in northwest Asia Minor, constructed there a new capital city in which influential schools of sculpture and architecture flourished.

There were three stages to a properly conducted marriage ceremony. At the same time, masons developed and refined the carved cyma double curve and ovolo convex curve moldingswhich are two profiles that have remained part of the grammar of Western architectural ornament to the present day.

Monument of LysicratesMonument of Lysicrates, Athens. The roles of women in western Europe and eastern Asia were different in which Western European women were more involved in, and successful in acquiring rights than East Asian women.

Ladies of the castles were expected to know how to ride, to breed falcons and release them during the hunt. Women sometimes had erotic visions of physical unions with Christ, or of breastfeeding the Christ child.

Nuns were prevented from holding any kind of ecclesiastical office. Defective in formation from the outset - the bent rib, bent in a contrary direction to man, therefore she is an imperfect animal, she always deceives. This was the prime sin. Tamura finally returned to Japan in The only exception to this rule was if she appeared on behalf of her husband.

Cultural clashes take place throughout the film and as the…… [Read More] Balian is initially unwilling to respect particular religious laws as he realizes that he must agree to his deceased wife being decapitated on account of committing suicide.

Prostitution was consistent with the medieval belief of women as insatiable carnal creatures. In France, Germany, Italy and Brabant women were either burnt at the stake or buried alive, whilst men were usually hanged. They were also expected to care for the elderly. The Ionic order was always more ornate and less stereotyped than the Doric, yet it was still limited to monumental plans, and the Ionic temples of the 6th century exceed in size and decoration even the most ambitious of their Classical successors.

In cases of rape, women examined the victim.The Role of Women in the High Middle Ages. The Medieval World The Role of Women in the High Middle Ages The laws on rape differed throughout Western Europe though.

In England and France, it was a criminal act and punishable by blinding, castration or the putting to death of the rapist. The area of literature was thus a field open to.

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Women in Pre-Modern Southeast Asia. The 11 countries of Southeast Asia include over million people. Despite great linguistic and cultural diversity, the region is characterized by the relatively favorable position of women in comparison with neighboring East or South Asia.

Start studying compare and contrast the roles of women in East Asia and Western Europe.

What were the roles of women in East Asia and Western Europe?

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. – CE. - Present. East Asia. China- patriarchal society, emperor can have more than 1 wife.

Russian - nobles adopt Western European culture thru language (some spoke French) South Asia. Women gained .

Compare and contrast the role of women in east asia and western ope from 1750 to 1914
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