An analysis of the term in office of congressman bart stupak in michigan

See the 10 key players in health care reform. Republicans represented his rural, blue-collar district for nearly three decades before he won inand his departure will create a strong opportunity for the GOP.

At one point, Texas Republican Rep. Stupak, 58, said he had considered retirement for years but was persuaded to stay in Congress because of the prospect of serving with a Democratic majority and helping win approval of the health care overhaul, which he described as his top legislative priority.

Health Care Clincher: The Importance of Being Stupak

Subscribe to our daily or weekly digest. The fight has taken a toll on his wife, who has disconnected the phone in their home to avoid harassment. However, he did an abrupt about-face and gave up that insistence when the House voted on the Senate's version of the bill.

He wrote two letters of support for the project to U.

Bart Stupak and His Merry Band of Eleven Anti-Choicers Want to Run Your Life

See why Bart Stupak opposed the health care legislation. Stupak has come under increased scrutiny recently as a result of his vote for the Democrats' health care bill last month.

Herod objected to the effort to make space for Democrats who are opposed to abortion. Following his vote, he has seen opposition arise from both the left and the right. Christian Coalition of America offers people of faith the vehicle to be actively involved in impacting the issues they care about - from the county courthouse to the halls of Congress Other We hope to make GovTrack more useful to policy professionals like you.

Until recently he lived in the infamous C Street House, a group lodging for young and upcoming religious conservative members of the House and Senators run by a Christian organization other alums include Larry Craig, John Ensign and Mark Sanford.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. His religiosity only deepened after his son, Bart Jr. Leslie Herod and Jovan Melton. But maybe he needs his own name tied to the effort to restrict women's rights or the USCCB won't give him the biggest gold star?

The state's decision is based on findings of the Michigan Public Service Commission MPSCwhich said the company failed to demonstrate the plant was needed to meet future supply needs.

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Thank you for joining the GovTrack Advisory Community! The governor also asked the DNRE to consider the MPSC analysis as part of its air permit review process, consistent with the department's duties under state and federal law. Join 10 million other Americans using GovTrack to learn about and contact your representative and senators and track what Congress is doing each day.

At one point, as he argued for the new health care legislation, a member of the House shouted out, "Baby killer. Nonetheless, Stupak insisted that his decision was not politically motivated and that he has been mulling retirement for at least the past 6 years.

Either he didn't get a passing grade in math, or he is bluffing. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? The DNRE ultimately determined that Wolverine had not adequately demonstrated through the alternative analysis the inability to secure long-term power supply purchase arrangements, such as buying power from an existing power plant, to meet their member needs.

According to the Huffington PostStupak is ready to jettison health reform "to stand up for his principles. It was not till 4 p.

Former Rep. Bart Stupak’s Betrayal Still Resonates – Taxpayer Dollars are Funding Abortions

The conference drew some opposition from Colorado Democrats and Democrat-leaning groups. But Bart Stupak wants to eliminate your coverage in the private market too. Bart, however, consults the experts in controlling women: The governor did approve a similar coal plant construction project downstate for Consumers Energy near Bay City.

Whichever it is, there are tens of millions of American women -- and men -- who still get the separation of Catholic Church and state.

Is Bart Stupak’s U.S. House Seat Vulnerable?

On Sunday morning Democratic leadership sources leaked to reporters that there was a deal, rumors Stupak quickly quashed, saying he was still looking at the language of an Executive Order negotiated with White House Counsel Bob Bauer.

Last year, Granholm asked energy experts at the MPSC to analyze whether there was a need for the proposed Wolverine facility and if there were alternative methods of meeting their customer demand.

He said a moderate Democrat would have a good chance.WASHINGTON – A year-old Michigan man and his son who lives in Colorado have been accused of sending U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak a letter threatening to spill the blood of the congressman and his family for his vote in favor of the health care reform legislation in March.

Lennox, 25, is already campaigning as a Republican for the th Michigan House District seat held by term-limited state Rep.

Kevin Elsenheimer, D-Kewadin. "Congressman Stupak is an example of why term limits are needed in Washington," Lennox said in a statement. Apr 11,  · Mr.

Stupak Won't Rule Out Retirement

Stupak said he spoke with six or seven different firms about work in the area of government affairs—a reflection, perhaps, of the prominent role he played in the health care debate. Mr. Stupak, who served in Congress for 17 years, was a deciding vote on. Get Congressman Bart Stupak phone number in Marquette, MIGovernment Offices - Federal, Congressman Bart Stupak Reviews.

The Social Business Directory for Your Community! Marquette Michigan (MI) () View All Records For This Phone # Congressman Bart Stupak. Stupak was the representative for Michigan’s 1 st congressional district and was a Democrat.

He served from to He served from to Contact Rep. Bart Stupak. Former Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak said Tuesday he does not regret his “yes” vote for the health-care law. Stupak, who left office inwas on the fence about the law until he secured some assurances that the law would not fund abortion services.

An analysis of the term in office of congressman bart stupak in michigan
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